Special Education

Special Education Programmi​ng

The goal of our special education program is to provide an inclusive environment where students with disabilities will find academic, artisitic and athletic success.  

Academic Lab

Each of our special education teachers provides academic labs to their students.  The lab serves as an opportunity for students to engage in guided study, help with their homework and improve skills in reading, writing, and math.

Co-Taught Classes

Silver Creek has arranged for co-taught classes where available in the core curriculum, during the 9th and 10th grade years.  This least restrictive environment places both a special education teacher and regular education teacher in the same classroom.  Both teachers share the instruction and the support of students in the class.

Global Skills Class

Our Global Skills curriculum works with student in grades 9-12, who qualify.  Students engage in activities and study that allows for the understanding of social interactions, social awareness, emotional understanding/awareness, self-control, and acclimation into the larger Silver Creek environment.  Students also focus on study skills, executive functioning, and homework completion.

Sheltered Needs Classroom

Our sheltered needs classroom serves students needing life skills and prepares them to gain independence.  Students are given sheltered instruction in the core content areas of science, math, English, and social studies.  Students also receive life skills preparations with hands-on simulations in cooking, cleaning, light construction and community service.  

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Unified Sports Program

This program allows students with disabilities to participate in flag football, basketball and soccer.  Students with disabilities are paired with general education students who serve as their peer mentor and supporter on the field or court.  This program works in conjunction with the Special Olympics of Colorado.  

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