Coursework Options

Independent Study

In order to embrace student learning styles and provide options for coursework, UHS offers Independent Study (IS). Independent Studies allow for greater depth, specific focus, or differentiated pacing to address district standards in content areas. Independent Studies may either be guided by a certified SVVSD Teacher of Record (TOR), or culminated in a standards-based, accredited assessment (such as an AP exam). Students are responsible for maintaining Learning Logs, ongoing communication with TOR if applicable, and applying for the Learning Unit upon completion.

Original Study

Original Study (OS) provides an opportunity for the student to learn about specific, individual academic interests that lie outside of the traditional curriculum. This Learning Unit encourages students to spend time learning and working on projects they find personally relevant and meaningful. A student wishing to earn a Learning Unit through an OS must meet with the UHS Coordinator to identify an area of inquiry and develop a plan of study. The student will be responsible for maintaining Learning Logs and preparation of a final report and/or product that describes the results of their learning.

Concurrent Enrollment

UHS offers students the opportunity to enroll concurrently in college coursework once they have completed the high school level curriculum or if their interests lie outside of the scope of traditional high school offerings. Grades will be transcripted upon completion of the course.

Online Coursework

UHS offers online coursework through an approved SVVSD online platform. Grades will be transcripted upon completion of the course.

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