Information for Seniors

Information for Seniors

Class of 2022


  • Meet with high school counselor early in the fall semester to discuss college plans.
  • Register in early fall to take the SAT, if necessary, and/or take the ACT. Forward your scores to the colleges to which you are applying.  ACT and SAT websites are linked here and included among the websites in the attached packet.  Silver Creek’s high school code is 060953. ***MANY colleges have gone test optional for the class of 2022!  Visit your colleges website for confirmation and more information if you do not plan on taking the SAT or ACT***
  • Attend virtual college fairs and/or meet with college admissions representatives who visit your high school.
  • If you haven’t done so, be sure to visit colleges where you intend to apply.   Most colleges will have visitation days/programs designed for students considering their school.  Research this information on college websites or phone Admissions Offices. If you are unable to tour campus, take a virtual tour of the school.
  •  CHECK OUT NAVIANCE! Log-in using your SCHS username and password.  Use this resource to narrow your college search, take an interest inventory, search careers, majors, and colleges/programs that suit you, search scholarships, etc.
  • Create a rough draft of your college entrance essay; have a teacher or counselor review it.  This will be an assignment in your English 12/AP Lit class.
  • Student Athletes: If you plan to participate in athletics at a Division 1 or Division 2 school, register with the NCAA Clearinghouse at NOTE:  It is your responsibility to ensure that you meet NCAA eligibility by taking 16 approved core courses during high school.
  • College/Program Application Processes
    • Narrow down your college choices and research application processes and deadlines on college websites.  
      • Create a “Common Application” account (or alternative application account for colleges that don’t use Common App) and complete specific application materials, supplements, etc. (
      • Go to Naviance > Colleges > Colleges I’m Applying To. To allow for electronic submission of your transcripts, you must add the colleges to which you want transcripts sent. To submit to Common App use the Common App Account Matching feature – enter the email address from your Common App account and your birthdate to connect Naviance to Common App.
        • Link to tutorial on how to match your Common App account to your Naviance
        • Link to tutorial on how to request transcripts
    • Write the final draft of your college entrance essay and have it “proofread” by teacher/parent.
    • Request Letters of Recommendation: Ask for no more than TWO letters of recommendation.  At least one should be from a core teacher. The other one can be from another teacher or someone who knows you well through employment, extra curricular activities, athletics, etc. Request letters at least two weeks in advance!
      • First, ask teachers directly to write a letter on your behalf. Many will ask for you to provide a resume or a “brag sheet”. 
      • Next, go to Naviance > Colleges I’m applying To > Letters of Recommendation to send electronic requests to your recommenders. This will allow teachers to track their recommendation requests and easily submit electronically through Naviance.
        • Link to tutorial on how to request recommenders on Naviance
      • Be appreciative–give a thank you note to those who wrote a letter for you.
    • Counselor Recommendations (your Counselor will automatically submit one with Common App) If you want a more comprehensive letter, ask in person and request at least two weeks in advance. You will be asked to complete a Senior Reflection.
    • Using Naviance to Submit Supporting Documents. As mentioned above, transcripts, letters of recommendation and other supporting documents will all flow through Naviance. Go to Naviance Family Connection for instructions on how to add colleges to your list, submit document requests, and how to connect your Common App account to Naviance.
      •  NOTEPlease submit transcript requests to your counselor via the Google Form at least TWO WEEKS before your application due date (or by December 1st to submit before the Holiday Break) if you want your transcript sent in time.  Know application deadlines and meet them!  Some colleges have moved deadlines to be earlier than ever.  For instance, CU-Boulder’s Early Action (non-binding) deadline is Nov. 15th!
    • Keep copies of everything you send to colleges or scholarship committees in case your application and other documentation do not arrive at the college Admissions Office.
  • Be prepared to take advantage of COLORADO FREE APPLICATION DAY on October 19-21!  Application fees for most Colorado colleges and universities will be waived if you apply on these days.  Be mindful that you will have to have all components of your application completed so don’t wait until the last minute.


  • Obtain FAFSA information and apply online for need-based financial aid as soon as possible after October 1st at  The FAFSA is the financial aid form used at all universities/colleges and is the only way to get grants/work study/federal loans, etc.  An easy way to get started is to use the FAFSA4Caster to get an estimate how much aid you may be eligible to receive.
    • Please be aware that most colleges have a priority deadline of March 1st for submitting the FAFSA.  Late submission of the FAFSA is likely to result in lost scholarship opportunities!
    • Be on the lookout for information about a FAFSA information night to be hosted by SCHS and presented by college financial aid professionals.
  • Apply for the Colorado Opportunity Fund (COF).   The COF will guarantee that you receive the lowest (subsidized) tuition rate at any public universities and some private universities in Colorado.  It’s a simple process so go to College Opportunity Fund to apply for the stipend now.
  • Thinking of attending out of state? Research the opportunities for Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE), a consortium of western states that offer a tuition discount for WUE students for certain universities and programs. 
  • Use Naviance Student to learn about financial aid and to research scholarship opportunities. Check with parents’ employers, College Financial Aid offices, and in the community. Apply for applicable scholarships and MEET DEADLINES!
  • Apply for the St. Vrain Local Scholarships – 2022 Scholarships will be posted on Naviance in early December and most applications are due in late February.


  • Notify the school(s) you have applied to of your decision by May 1st (earlier, if at all possible!).  Send acceptance letter and any documents and deposits to your college of choice.  Write a polite letter of refusal to schools you were admitted to but won’t attend.
  • Scholarships: Most require follow up in order for funds to be sent to your school! Follow all instructions and write thank you cards to the donors for any scholarships you have received.
  • Watch for and complete the senior ICAP survey, this is a requirement for graduation!
  • Complete senior check-out.
  • Graduate!!!

Silver Creek High School