Enrollment Process

Application Process

UHS has a limited enrollment and relies on an application process. Interested students should contact the Program Coordinator to receive more information. In addition to the application, three letters of recommendation and an interview are required. UHS has rolling admissions based on availability.


Once accepted into the UHS Program, the student is required to open-enroll at Silver Creek High School (SCHS) if they do not live within SCHS boundaries. Records and transcripts will be maintained by the UHS Coordinator and kept on file at SCHS. Decisions regarding each student’s status as a UHS student will be made by the UHS staff, taking into consideration all of the expectations for students in the program. A re-evaluation of student status may take place at any time that the UHS Program Coordinator feels it is necessary. Further, termination of membership in UHS requires re-evaluation of student status at SCHS at the discretion of the SCHS Administration.

Silver Creek High School