What type of student is a good fit for UHS?

Throughout the years, we have had a variety of successful UHS students with a wide assortment of strengths, interests, and passion areas. The abilities to self-motivate, self-initiate, and work independently usually provide a good foundation for the successful UHS student. Additionally, the successful UHS student is academically capable and with a desire to have more choice in how/when/where they engage in their own learning.

Is there an application deadline? When should I apply?

There is not a specific application deadline. We accept applications on a rolling basis and fill spaces as they become available. However, students are not granted full entrance into the program until the next semester after they are accepted into UHS. For example, if a student was accepted into the program in March, they would be placed in the UHS Orientation Seminar the following fall semester; if a student is accepted into the program in the fall, they would attend Orientation Seminar the following spring semester. For students that are interested in UHS as incoming freshman, we accept applications as early as the fall before their incoming 9th grade year.

What are Independent Studies? Are they different than online classes?

Independent Studies are courses taken with a certified SVVSD teacher (usually a Silver Creek High School teacher). The student meets with the teacher initially to create a study plan that will address the educational standards for that particular course. The student and the teacher continue to meet once a week for 15-20 minutes to check progress and assign new work. The student is responsible for communication with the teacher throughout the course as well as maintaining sufficient progress towards meeting the standards. When the standards have been satisfied, the teacher certifies the coursework and the student applies for the Learning Unit. The credit is transcripted upon approval of the application.

Online coursework is also completed independently through an accredited online platform. All instruction occurs through the virtual classroom (reading and/or videos). The final exam is proctored on-site by the UHS Program Coordinator. Final grades are transcripted upon completion of the course.

What does a typical schedule for a UHS student look like?

UHS students are varied and so are their schedules. Most student have a mix of some SCHS courses and some open blocks in their schedules where they can work on Independent Studies or online courses. We also have students that spend some of their day at SCHS and part of their day attending their concurrent college enrollment courses. Some students balance three or four of these options.

What is the Orientation Seminar?

Incoming UHS students take an Orientation Seminar their first semester in UHS. The purpose of the Orientation Seminar is to give the students a foundation in UHS and its requirements. Additionally, students have the opportunity to learn about themselves and create a cohort with the other students new to UHS. Orientation Seminar counts for a .5 elective credit.

Are there any restrictions to what colleges/universities my child can apply to if they join UHS?

UHS students graduate with a SVVSD transcript and grade point average (both weighted and unweighted) that can be shared with colleges/universities. UHS founders consulted with numerous universities to ensure the viability of post-secondary success for UHS students and crafted the program essentials to meet entrance requirements. Throughout the years, UHS students have been admitted to various colleges/universities in the United States and beyond and have enjoyed success in a variety of professions.

What if I already have a grade that is below UHS requirements on my transcript? Can I still apply to UHS?

Yes, you can still apply to UHS. If admitted, the UHS Program Coordinator and UHS Counselor will work with you to address grades below our requirements.

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