Silver Creek School Accountability Committee 12/7/22


Attendance – Erick Finnestead, Karen Norris, Patrick DeCamillis, Rod Anadon, Lauren Kohn, Tracy Knick, Robert Nixon, Ericka Pilon, Absent Eric Ottem, Steve McNichols


Excellent Open House night with over 600 attendees.

Cafecitos parent meetings partnering with Hispanic parents have grown to over 25 attendees. Subjects we cover have been schools safety, scheduling, attendance, navigating assistance.

Main Field Turf and Track

Begin development in February/Marchl of 2023 completion target date of August 2023

This will impact graduation and must move graduation to the soccer field.

Track and Field will utilize Longmont High School for training and practice.


Special Education – Position Open

Paraprofessional – Sydney Walker

Campus Supervisor – Mary Hackett

Musical Accompanist – Position Open

Social Studies Change

Only discipline to offer AP courses at the 9th and 10th grade levels

Allows greater flexibility in student scheduling 

Upon audit of Social Studies Curriculum in 9 and 10 grades, little difference between honors and non-honors courses.  

Most SVVSD high schools now use this model.

All core disciplines allow for an advanced track, college prep track and a co-taught track.  

Department in agreement that this change needed to occur.

Math Change –

We will be transitioning to Advanced Placement Precalculus in 2023-2024. We will no longer offer Honors Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry. Upon examination we already teach a significant portion of the AP content in our Honors Precalculus/Trigonometry class. This is a new class sponsored by the College Board and makes college credit accessible to a whole other grade level of students. We will further engage in vertical articulation to assure the Algebra II teachers are able to prepare students to enter this course.

Hosting International World Championships for Underwater Robotics Summer 2023

Teams representing North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Europe will be represented.

Open Enrollment

-Approximately 110 open enrollments and counting (updated 12/16/22)

-We have more that come to us that leave us by a delta of about 40 students.

-We will explore numbers at our next Accountability meeting.

Artificial Intelligence World Championships

  • The Innovation Center’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Leadership team won First Place in the 2022 World Artificial Intelligence Competition for Youth (WAICY) 5th annual competition. This global event engages students from elementary through high school and seeks to “inspire students worldwide to learn and use AI to solve real-world problems.” More details about the finalists are available at this link.
  • The IC team competed with students from across the world, including Australia, Greece and India.
  • The IC presented their approach to tackling local conservation challenges around restoring an endangered fish, the Northern Red-Belly Dace. Their solution is called FishNET AI and involves capturing underwater footage of fish habitats, then sending this footage to an AI model run out of the Innovation Center to identify the different fish in the footage. This data, in turn, is shared with conservation stakeholders like Boulder County Parks and Open Space and Colorado Fish and Wildlife.
  • The IC FishNET team started over 3 years ago. It currently consists of:
    • 5 high school students from throughout SVVSD
    • 1 industry mentor
    • 1 teacher mentor, Mai Vu
    • Silver Creek Students: Owen Welsh, Grant Riddle, and Riley Herchert

Successful Performing Arts Gala and Activities

2 SOLD OUT December shows

8th grade Collaborations

Performances at Eaglecrest Elementary


Performing Arts Recognitions

All-State Orchestra:

Ian Lenick and Zach Kaufman for this awesome achievement. 

We also have several members of the district honor orchestra: 

Boonyakorn Ngampatipatpong – Violin Senior

Chayakorn Ngampatipatpong – Violin Sophomore

Emmi Rehagel – Violin Junior

Claire Barbarow – Violin Sophomore

Finn Wootton – Viola Sophomore

Paige Schleper – Viola Sophomore

Ian Lenick – Cello Senior

Nick Selleck – Cello Senior

Avery Morrow – Cello Sophomore

Congratulations to the Following SCHS Musicians who have been selected for the SVVSD Honor Band:

Louise Larsen

Demi Rush

Katelyn Johnston

Katie Liddell

Serenity Sisneros

Ian Lenick

Jordan Gaines

Luke Barnett

Auggie Falborn

Sam Atherton-Wood

Anthony Ivan

Claire Attaberry

Andy Amparan

Zachary Kaufman

Bridgett Dermody

Aidan Lenski

Carter Martin

Emma Titus

Digby Goodchild

All state Choir:

Spencer Giles

Zach Rojo

Miisa Tuuri

Emmi-Henriette Rehagel

Lena Byrne

Celine Gutierrez

Emma Olivier

Bridget Tingstad

All State Jazz Band

Zach Kaufmen who has been selected as Lead Trombone

August Falborn who has been selected as 2nd Trumpet

Choose 1 Article for Student Involvement and Success

Effect of Co-Curricular Involvement on Student Standardized Assessments

Effect of of participation in Athletics Grades 6-9 on Student Success

High School Athletes and Road to Graduation

High School Performing Artists and Academic Success

General Participation in Extra-Curricular Activities and Multi-Modal Success

Presentation on Student Participation

  • Karen Norris and new VEX Robotics for 2023-2024
    • Silver Creek will host 3-4 VEX Robotics Teams for the 2023-2024 school year
    • We look to outfit one of our mobile facilities into a design and competition space.
  • Patrick DeCamillis and current rates of student participation
    • 327 student currently participate in clubs and activities
    • 366 Fall Athletics
    • 178 winter athletes
    • 75 for Marching Band and Fiddle Group
    • Denominator 1245
    • Approximately 74% of students participate in extracurriculars.
  • Teacher perspective on student extra curricular activities and academic success.
    • Pilon – Impact is students having something important to them and having a connection to a coach is a huge motivator.  This connection to the coach/sponsor allows for greater accountability in class, supportive relationships.  Example this gave students who were Unified Bowling supporters a connection to the school, it also allows to hold a little something over their head as a carrot.  
    • Knick – Interesting in starting the French Club, Friday after school has presented an awesome turnout of nearly 20 or 20+ students.  We always have Spanish students joining us too.  Looking at next year, we are considering a multi-language club to provide for more inclusion and meet the need of students.  Having relationships at the school helps with everything; academics, relationships, connection.
    • Nixon – This allows me as a coach to talk to kids I don’t normally talk to.  Then I get more introductions.  Example today one of the kids I tutor brought in two others today.  One is now interested in football.  An area of improvement may be to create pathways for our students of color such as Spanish Club and we need to build upon this, another example may be Mariachi Club.
    • Anadon – Many of my clubs allow for marginalized students to connect and develop relationships they previously did not have.  This also allowed for students to take the lead and teach lessons.  Putting students into Leadership roles such as in CyberPatriot has allowed for kids to flourish and greater collaboration between sponsor, student and members of the team.  Gaming club meets every Thursday and is inclusive, we would like to continue to gain more student interest.  Clubs are free and this allows for fun, kids want this interaction and they just want to engage with one another.  Sponsor a tournament and get admin or teachers to attend, would be a great draw.
    • Kohn – Kids are successful when they have multiple adults in their corner and checking in with them.  This allows for more time to check in with kids and would like to find more time to check in with kids.  It is helpful to hear how kids are doing in other classes and activities.  The more adults in a kid’s life that push them the better the outcome.  

Public Comment

  • Kohn – Can we use late start in December and May as days to bring in students who need to make up missing work and be in our classrooms?  Yes.  We will need to structure this so that all staff members are working collectively towards similar outcomes in supporting students during this time and this may look different.  Focus should be provided on students needing to catch up and perhaps even make this a grade for them to show up.


Silver Creek High School