2022 Fall Highlights Silver Creek High School

Growing Up Silver Creek Video – Highlighting our annual Silver Creek Feeder System Board of Education Presentation

Support from SVVSD to perform the following capital improvements


-LED Signage along Nelson Road

Excellent examples of Learning

-Partnership with Ball Aerospace to bring in Engineers from the James Webb Telescope to present to our Astronomy students.

-Student mock trials will take place under the guidance of the Colorado Lawyers Committee and our students will serve as jurists.

-Oceans First has renewed their partnership with us to study the impact of microplastics on our local watersheds.

-Unified Percussion held their first concert at Silver Creek.

-Upcoming collaboration between SC and feeder schools inviting 5th and 8th grade students to view our performing artists.

-SCLA recently has hosted mock interviews with professionals with local business professionals as panelists and has 64 capstone projects under way from 3D printing prosthetics to working on social emotional based curriculum at Lyons Elementary, to supporting our Sources of Strength Program, mentoring and coaching Unified Bowling, hosting Kids Night out, and building our outreach with Spanish speaking families.  

Outreach around students who are struggling academically –

The following have been used to engage students who may have difficulty in school:  home visits, after school tutoring, direct teacher outreach for D and F students, after school classroom support, Student Instructional Assistants assigned to classrooms, weekly mailing of D and F notifications to families.

Recent metrics 

Among best performances district wide of the School Performance Framework

Several categories where SCHS ranked first such as performance by Senior class of SAT and Freshmen class in PSAT

Promising results for graduation, PSAT/SAT, at risk learners,dropout, etc.

Attendance Rate holding steady at average daily attendance of 93.6%

Reduced failure rates in English and math from october 1 to November 1. 

Clubs and Organizations

-Currently 33 clubs and organizations

-Patrick DeCamillis will present our participation rate at our next parent meetings

PROM at the Asterisk April 29, 2023

-Provides for a self-contained location

-Provides for parking adjacent to facility

-Rooftop Terrace

-Easy clean up, concrete flooring

-Within $10,000 budget

-Denver Police and Longmont Police work in conjunction for security

Complexities of selecting a prom location

Size of Prom 600 Guests

-No place in Longmont and few in Boulder County to host us

-CU Events Center (potential, but parking can be an issue)

-Hyatt Boulder (utilized in Spring 2022)

-Boulder County Fairgrounds (students do not want this)

-Brookside Gardens (too small)

-Omni ($30,000 when we are on a $10,000 budget)

-Westin (does not accept proms)

-Other venues we have outgrown

-Denver alternatives included the Aquarium and hotels

-Weekend selection so as not to interfere with AP, SAT, Easter, Mother’s Day, leaving few dates in April/May

-Competition from other schools, wedding season

Silver Creek High School