Silver Creek School Accountability Committee 9/21/22


Accountability Meeting

(Parents and community members if interested in being a part of our Accountability committee, please contact Principal Erick Finnestead)

Updates Administration

Erick Finnestead Principal

Enrollment 1245 – On target with current FTE and budget

Homecoming Week Week of Events

Celebrations – NMSQT Results, AP Results 

4 National Merit Semifinalists, 6 Commended Students

151 AP Scholars, 29 Capstone Diplomas, 1 AP International Diploma

AP Results – Average 3.16, 823 exams, 72% 3 or better

SVVSD Recognition of AP District of Distinction 1 of 350 of 14,000 school districts.

New Courses – Unified Percussion, Coaching and Officiating, Co Taught English 12 Grade, Astronomy and Geology, new in 2023-2024 AP PreCalculus (this course is synonymous with what we currently teach and allows for college credit)

School year beginning – Good start, Championship Mindset and staying focused.

New Concurrent College Enrollment Options – Colorado State University Online Options, New FRCC Online Options now available for students.  See counselor or administrator for more details.

Silver Creek Recognized by Great as a College preparedness school – current matriculation data is 79% attending, 2 year, 4 year, trade school.  Largest amount at 54% attending 4 year. Data also looks at remediation rate.  

SCLA has 59 Capstone Projects – extending from Padres Unidos, KNO, Veteran’s Homes, Himali Philanthropy, Technology Classes, Movement in elementary schools, Sources of Strength, and many more

Padres Unidos Parent Group – August Meeting, October 5 meeting

Performing Arts – Calendar

Prestigious honor that our Orchestra invited to open the Colorado Music Educator’s Association State Conference

Marching Band participating at SVVSD Band Night and at Homecoming

Selection of She Kills Monsters for school play February 24/25

Unified Percussion to perform at SVVSD Band Night and Fall Concerts

Eric Ottem Assistant Principal

Transition 8/9 – 

20 students participate in summer prior to start of school

Students targeted for Algebra readiness

Teacher feedback positive as kids were prepared and ready to take part in the curriculum

Staff Involved: Jane Coppinger, Samuel Brownell, Sarah Backus, Kelly Fertitta, Whitney Mires, Ashlee Gerner

Topics covered: Mathematics, English, Social Emotional learning modules

After School Tutoring – 

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 3-4 p.m.

Averaging 5 students per day

Letter to be sent to all students/families whereby a student has a D or F, advertising this option.

We have room for more students to be tutored.

Student tutors, currently one and recruiting more.

Areas offered: Science, Math, French, English, Spanish

AAA money has provided for student snacks and waters

Assessment PSAT NMSQT – 

Oct 12, 2022 PSAT NMSQT administered at Creek

PSAT 9/10 Given a practice exam on Oct 12, 2022

Second date for practice PSAT exams in January 2023 SVVSD system wide for grades 9-11

No Heart of Algebra exams this year

2023-2024 all College Board exams online

Karen Norris  Assistant Principal


29 Students for class of 25 / 10th graders – 59% of students hit P-TECH criteria (female, ELL Learner, and/or first gen) 

33 students for 26 / 9th graders – 61% of students hit P-TECH criteria

Aaron Baskin, counselor,has met with each 9th grade family to create an individualized 4-graduation plan.

We are detailing out the paid internships; they will start the summer going into their twelfth grade year. 

For 27, registration will open on November 17, when we hold our RaptorTECH Information night.   


  • August 29 – meet and greet for mentors/mentees
  • Sept 14 – held our first after school RaptorTECH event, created by students 
  • Oct 27-looking forward to our 1st Quarterly event, hosted by Cisco 


Counselors and I have met and ironed out all the year-long scheduling activities. 

  • October – a lot of course information provided
  • October 31-Nov 7, students select classes in advisory classes
  • Nov 7 – Jan 20, counselors meet individually with each student to review selections
  • Departments have created a nice powerpoint to help provide explanations for classes, designed to help kids make solid decisions. 
  • Counselors have visited all senior and freshman classrooms. 


MTSS and Attendance are up and running for this year. 

MTSS is committed to pulling grades and identifying students who may need additional support, whether that means after school for tutorials or bringing teachers to the table to identify appropriate interventions. 

Attendance is bringing back the home visits. Not to be punitive, but to connect, to encourage, to give teacher feedback. We want students and families to know  “We want you at Creek.” 

Attendance is also starting up positive attendance celebrations – focusing on no unexcused absences. We have to finish securing partners. 


We started last year with professional development – use of workshops. 

We covered: creating a strong foundation of relationships, and the first two pillars of co-planning, and co-delivery of instruction. 

For this year:

We’ve already held a beginning session to get the year started. 

And today, we covered the final, 3rd pillar, of co-assessing…which is a huge endeavor. Patty Hagen from Office PD joined us today. 

Our next session is Nov 10 where we will continue with co-assessing and goals. 

Our co-teachers have made a HUGE difference in co-teaching at Creek. They are reaching ALL learners.

Patrick DeCamillis Assistant Principal/Athletic Director

Athletics and Activities

Participation Report at next meeting

Teacher Update

Steve McNichols – 49-50 kids participating with Student Government, which is excellent participation.

Advertising for days has been good as more kids are participating this week in spirit days

Multiple kids particiaitng in Student Government and communication is good with Advisory and in the community.

Rod Anadon – CyberPatriot has begun.  Four teams and we have an all girls team from Silver Creek.  Kids leading training sessions.  Additional teachers from Altona and Verlene Dodds (student) has provided terrific support.  New RaptorTech group is a terrific group of freshmen.  

Restart and Refocus being used in the Computer Science classroom and this has allowed for much greater focus on the classroom.  This provides for 3-5 minutes for students to disengage from technology and focus on positive behaviors.  This has allowed for students to ready themselves for the rigors of the classroom.  Student feedback has been positive.  This has started in all Computer Science classes.  

Erick Finnestead Principal

Article Read together about School Accountability in Colorado

*Note the amount of schools in academic decline across Colorado


Silver Creek School Wide Goal 2022-2023

Reading and writing (or numeracy related tasks) in every class, every day.  

-Creating access to honors and AP classes for all students

-Graduation Rate 

Silver Creek High School School Performance Framework 2022 LINK

-Improvements in Minority student outcomes and performance

-Improvements in Free and Reduced Lunch student outcomes and performance

-Improvement in Students with Disabilities Graduation Rate

-Indications of outperforming state, district and overcoming false theory of learning loss during the pandemic

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Next meetings (parents and community are invited to attend)

December 7, 2022

February 22, 2023

April 26, 2022

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