Graduation Weather Plan

Dear graduating seniors and families,
We are making final preparations for tomorrow’s graduation ceremony and are very excited to celebrate this significant milestone in the lives of our students and their families. As we all know, the only thing that is consistent with spring weather in Colorado is its unpredictability. We are keeping an eye on the forecast and will notify families by 7:30 a.m. tomorrow by email, phone and text (based on your notification settings in Infinite Campus) if there is a change in ceremony location due to weather.
If the forecast for rain or thunderstorms looks definitive, we will host the 2017 graduation ceremony in our gymnasium. As space is more limited inside, every student has been given four tickets (included in their graduate robe packet) to distribute to family members or friends to have a guaranteed seat inside the main ceremony. For any members of our community that we cannot accommodate in the gymnasium, we will be hosting a live stream of the full ceremony in our auditorium, small gym and commons area.
If we are to hold the ceremony inside, families and friends can also live stream the ceremony from any web-enabled device at (link will be live by 10:00 a.m. on Saturday).  If we are to hold the ceremony outside, we will be posting the video production of the ceremony once concluded at the same web address.
If the decision is made to host the ceremony outdoors as planned and we experience an unexpected change of weather, we ask that everyone calmly and quickly follow the graduates and school staff into the school commons and crescent area. The ceremony will resume in the gymnasium with overflow in the auditorium, small gym and commons.  This transition may take additional time, but it is our intent to fully support our graduates and families to celebrate this momentous occasion.
This has been a tremendous year for our graduating class and I want to extend my sincerest gratitude to our students, teachers, staff, families and community who have all played an important part in the achievements we will be celebrating tomorrow.
Thank you,
Erick Finnestead
Principal, Silver Creek High School