Silver Creek hosts its 3rd Capstone Project Expo

Silver Creek's Leadership Academy celebrated its 3rd Capstone Project Expo on Monday, December 12.

The focus of the Leadership Academy is to help students gain hands-on leadership experience and build skills related to ethics, communication, critical and creative thinking, respect, vision and teamwork. There are currently 325 students in the program from grades 9 to 12.

Before graduating with a certificate from the Leadership Academy, Seniors are required to complete a capstone project of their choosing. Using their own interests and community outreach, each student designs a course of action and follows through with all aspects of project management, applying the three previous years of classroom experience into a real world situation.

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In the past two years of SCLA Capstone Projects, students have volunteered over 20,000 hours and donated over $12,000 to organizations.

See a complete list of this year's Capstone Projects here.