Principal's Update 11.17.16

Raptor Families,

I delivered this message today to our students during an announcement.  Due to recent instances of unprotected "hate" speech, used at Silver Creek, and directed at students based upon their religion and color, I felt compelled to reitterate our stance as a school upon providing a safe environment for everyone to be able to learn in.  Should you have questions or concerns, please direct them to me.  Thank you for your support in helping us to provide a safe learning environment for all students that is free from the disruption of harassing and/or hateful language.  

Erick Finnestead

Principal, Silver Creek High School

Delivered by: Erick Finnestead


PA System Announcement to Silver Creek High School


“Good morning students and staff members,


I want you to listen very clearly to my message this morning.


During the course of the last week I have been made aware of some instances in our school where racially and religiously discriminate language has been used.  I want to impress upon every student and every member of our community that language that this is used to hurt people on the basis of their skin color, their ethnicity, origin, religion, sexual orientation or their gender will not be tolerated.  This isn’t funny, this isn’t humorous, what it is considered is harassment and harassment carries with it a significant penalty both at Silver Creek and within the laws of Colorado and our country up to and including a felony and can negatively impact you for the rest of your life. (Ref. C.R.S. 18-9-11, C.R.S. 18-9-121)


Hateful speech is not protected speech and it has no place in a school setting.  Every student who attends our school has the right to be free from hate, the right to a welcoming environment and the right to an education unobstructed by others’ hostility.  


If you witness hateful speech being directed at a student or staff member, report it, tell them to stop and know that our administration, our staff and I will not tolerate such behavior.

One aspect that makes our school a world class school is that we are an inclusive environment. Our school is one that has been built by students and staff to support all kids and provide you with opportunities to improve yourself, your school and your community.  I implore each and every one of you to rise above any hateful speech and lend yourself to creating a better Silver Creek that thrives upon diversity, inclusion and the gifts that everyone brings as individuals to ultimately make our school a better place for all.


I’ll remind everyone, if you see it, report it.  Don’t engage in hateful speech, rather demonstrate respect for our school, for your colleagues, your teachers and  for yourself.  Thank you and I appreciate your support in making our school a welcoming environment for every student, staff member and guest.  As always my door is open and I am here for all of our students and staff members.”