Raptor Activities Booster Club (RABC)

The RABC is a non-profit 501(c)3 parent volunteer organization working together with SCHS administration, teachers, coaches & staff for the enrichment of activities and athletic programs for all.

Contact the 2016-17 board:

President: Kaydene Hubert, rabcpresident@gmail.com

Vice President: Patrice Powell, rabcvicepresident@gmail.com

Secretary: Kristy Warner, rabcsecretary@gmail.com

Treasurer: Stacy Koelfgen, rabctreasurer@gmail.com

School Store:  Karen Emberley, rabcschoolstore@gmail.com.  



Be sure to follow us on Twitter @SilverCreekRABC and Facebook at Silver Creek RABC for all up to date communications.


Mark your calendars for these upcoming RABC Meetings & Events:

Meetings are every 4th Monday at 6:30pm in the Library (see below for details)

Bingo at the Longmont Bingo Alley - Every Wednesday Night, All Year Long (see below for details)


RAPTOR RUN/WALK 5K PARTICIPANT- April 29 - Sign up today!






Overview:  Come and play -Wednesdays at 7 PM at the Longmont Bingo Alley (19th and Main behind Wendy’s)!!! 

Bingo is the largest fundraiser for the RABC raising an average of $45,000 in recent years with 60% of profits distributed directly to the activities and 40% used to support the activities through the RABC General Fund. Bingo is every Wednesday, year round. Shifts start around 5:30 and run until about 9:30. We need 32 volunteers a month! Each session the following jobs need to be covered: Games Manager (1), Cashier (2), Caller (1), Floor Workers (4). The more people we have, the longer time between shifts. Ideally, we try to staff to maintain a four week rotation.


Games Manager: Run the session, session set up, bank runs, bookkeeping, customer service, volunteer training, help close after session. Training: 6 sessions over 3 month period and must take a training class from the State. Primary qualifications: good with numbers and computer entry, able to make quick decisions, friendly with customers, leadership qualities. Minimum commitment: 1 year

Cashier: Session set up, sell packets at register before session, payout winnings, count money and other items, help close after session. Primary qualifications: be able to count, make change and be friendly to customers. Minimum commitment: 6 months

Caller: Call the game, verify winners, help sell packets before the session, help close after session. Primary qualifications: pleasant disposition, observant, good speaking voice, good hearing, not afraid of public speaking, friendly with customers. Minimum commitment: 6 months

Floor Worker: Sell various games, verify bingos, customer service and session close. Primary qualifications: be able to count, make change and be friendly to customers. Minimum commitment: 3 months



To view the 2016-17 Spring Concessions schedule and sign up sheet, click the following link: 2016-17 Spring Concessions.

Do you thrive in a face paced-fun atmosphere & love working with awesome people?  Then please consider volunteering for a Concession Manager Position.  Want to know what that entails?  Review the job description document & contact Kaydene Hubert if you're interested or have any questions, at rabcconcessions@gmail.com.


Fund Requests:

General Fund:  It is recommended that Fall sports do requests in the Spring, Winter sports do requests in the Fall, & Spring sports do requests in the Winter. This is just a suggestion, but all teams are able to make requests at any time.  General Fund Request Form

Team funds Disbursement:  If you're looking to get reimbursed for items you've purchased, please download the RABC Request for Funds Disbursement Form.


Meeting Information

RABC meetings are typically held the 4th Monday of each month at 6:30 in the SCHS Library.

2016-17 Meeting Agendas and Mintues

August 29, 2016: Agenda / Minutes

September 26, 2016: Agenda / Minutes

October 24, 2016: Agenda / Minutes

November 28, 2016: Agenda / Minutes

**No meeting in December

January 30, 2017: Agenda / Minutes

February 27, 2017: Agenda / Minutes

March 20, 2017: Agenda / Minutes

April 24, 2017: Agenda / Minutes ** Final Meeting



Last Year's 2015-16 Meeting Agendas and Minutes

August 24, 2015: Meeting Agenda / Meeting Minutes

September 28, 2015: Meeting Agenda / Meeting Minutes

October 26, 2015: Meeting Agenda / Meeting Minutes

November 30, 2015 (due to Thanksgiving Break): Meeting Agenda / Meeting Minutes

January 25, 2016: Meeting Agenda / Meeting Minutes

February 22, 2016:  Meeting Agenda / Meeting Minutes

March 28, 2016: Meeting Agenda / Meeting Minutes

April 25, 2016 (last meeting): Meeting Agenda / Meeting Minutes



Want to join the booster club?  Please check out the RABC Membership letter

You can also purchase RABC membership or other items online at the Silver Creek Store.

Thank you to all of those who have become members.  

Membership Spreadsheet

RABC Parent Rep/Committee Spreadsheet

Membership Bylaws



Want to volunteer with the RABC?  Sign up HERE.