School Profile

Mission Statement:

Silver Creek High School is an inclusive community committed to leadership and excellence in academics, the arts and athletics.

Enrollment 2020-2021:

Serving grades 9-12

1295 students 

2020-2021 School Profile Link

Attendance Boundaries:

Silver Creek is the home high school for students residing in the Southwest Longmont area.  Open enrollment is available to students living outside of the neighborhood boundary.  Silver Creek shares a feeder system with Blue Mountain Elementary, Eaglecrest Elementary, Longmont Estates and Altona Middle School.

Graduation Requirements:

As a member of the St. Vrain Valley School District, Silver Creek students must earn at least 24.5 credits to graduate, in the respective disciplines.  More information regarding graduation can be found here SVVSD Graduation Requirements.

Student Handbook:

Our Student Handbook is a comprehensive listing of information regarding academic offerings, courses, electives and policy governing Silver Creek High School.  Silver Creek Student Parent Handbook